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In my college days @ MSU, my independence is so unlimited , is that im far away from home that i have no parents to scold me when im out.

This was on year 2008 @ tinago falls Iligan City.When my roomates invited me to join to their outings together with their co-fellowship.

Once i saw the waterfalls gosh! it is so wonderful, i cant wait to swim and wear a life-jacket.Very wonderful creations, i was so proud i have gone there because many movies in the philippines got this scene in there film.

I was looking forward to travel again to tinago falls.


giant starfish
Originally uploaded by maria timmia Last june 12, 2010, an independence day, me and my cousin with our grandmother went to misamis oriental for the healing of our lady of lourdes shrine @ binuangan..

After that, we visited some of our relatives in balingoan, iniisip namin paano magiging sulit ang aming paglalakbay if we did not go for a fun and excitement..then my aunt said ,"we go to the near island through boating", so they went there. At first i dont want to go there but they convince me..

i was so enjoyed that day because i saw a giant starfish, its my first time to touch it and saw it.We climb on the hill looking at the overview of balingoan and the island of camiguin.

It was really fun,..I cant imagine i have gone there because i dreamed of it since i was travelling before.


me and my friends mitch and irish was invited to have a night swimming at cubi cubi... bringing nothing but only was just a surprise invitation when i was not really prepared..
this dress that i am wearing is not mine..its from funny to think that i would wear a wet underwear going home..hahaha we dont have enough foods,only a snacks and its already night .. i feel so hungry so, i was eager to go home to eat my supper with my mother..

blAH...wala na akong masabi..share ko lang to...


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Originally uploaded by maria_pakdat last may 20-21,2010. we went to camiguin island for some relaxing moment with our boss and co-volunteers during the may election campaign..

this picture was taken at ardent hibok-hibok hot spring.. no doubt is our first time to swim on a hot water ...for that we had enjoyed it.

we cannot forget this experience ever..hope we go there again...for vacation or some sort of outings...

in this photo: kharen,timmia(me),en-en and kate..


Originally uploaded by maria_pakdat it was february 7, when we went to basul island ..from the city of surigao going to the island we ride on a pumpboat ..half an hour travel..while boating.. we have seen the clearwaters...its so amazing..and the waves that bumps our boat so adventurous...

then, we are here already in the island, the white sand is so nice like in a boracay..we have fun in looking some corals and shells...touching the white sand..(TAGAW IN SHORT) as in, its a first time from most of us to experience this momentum.

basul island is such a perfect island..not civilized, no community its a good way to refresh your mind in this place.. you would compare yourself as an cast away... it hjust a small island we walked around it..we have seen many creatures..we haven't seen in our entire life..

what a wonderful and unforgettable experience..
thanks to my couzin for inviting us...and its all free..