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Its been a long time waiting to step on this place.
 When i was on my college at MSU Marawi most of my roomates and colleagues lived in Surigao Del Sur. Having a conversation with them and the topic is "LAAG" this place called Enchanted River is always a mention.They said it was so beautiful that you will be amazed and that time It wasn't a popular  tourist spot of caraga. So I have no idea of it and I was just wondering what kind of that place is that why is that called Enchanted?

As times goes by, 3 years later. Enchanted River became popular in the town.It became the summer destination not all caraganons but all out  Mindanao and was advertise on TV. When I saw it, it feels like i want to go there. It was true of what my roomates and colleagues said about the river.

Now, I experienced it to be with this Enchanted River
It was just so beautiful and amazing. I feel the fishes swimming
with you, the crystal clear water and the unknown deep of the river.
It was enchanted…