be my travel buddy

be my travel buddy

Monday, November 28, 2011


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it was february 7, when we went to basul island ..from the city of surigao going to the island we ride on a pumpboat ..half an hour travel..while boating.. we have seen the clearwaters...its so amazing..and the waves that bumps our boat so adventurous...

then, we are here already in the island, the white sand is so nice like in a boracay..we have fun in looking some corals and shells...touching the white sand..(TAGAW IN SHORT) as in, its a first time from most of us to experience this momentum.

basul island is such a perfect island..not civilized, no community its a good way to refresh your mind in this place.. you would compare yourself as an cast away... it hjust a small island we walked around it..we have seen many creatures..we haven't seen in our entire life..

what a wonderful and unforgettable experience..
thanks to my couzin for inviting us...and its all free..

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